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Murder Without a Clue'do

A classic cast of characters all set to provide the most mischievous mystery imaginable!

Bon Appétit

A killer has been set off the lead! Can you catch the killer or will you make a dog's dinner of the investigation?

Ahoy to Murder!

"All aboard!" It's time to set sail for Murder! Embark on a thrilling voyage brimming with enigmatic passengers and scheming shipmates.

Whodunit party plots change each season

Moneypenny Productions has been trading since 1996 and during that period we have run successful murder mystery events in hotel function rooms, on boats, trains, plains, school halls, front rooms, under canvas, on helicopter landing pads, in amphitheatres, in professional gyms... infact, we’re now surprised if you don’t offer us somewhere peculiar in which to hold a murder! We’ve arranged murder mystery events for... weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate product launches, bar mitzvahs, wakes, team-building, speed-dating, and in one case, an additional tool in whittling down the candidates for a job interview. We don't just run a murder mystery dinner night in Kent... we go all over Europe.


However, the most popular reason for having a Moneypenny Murder Mystery event is to sell tickets to the general public and promote your venue/charity to make a profit. Because so many audiences return to watch us again it is necessary to vary plots and themes throughout the year. As such, we tend to have four seasonal murder mystery events that play to general public admission audiences across the country.


When you have requested a quote from us please let us know that you intend to sell tickets because we can help you further by offering you a set rate which will mean you’ll always know how much the event will cost you before promoting it. We can also include marketing materials such as leaflets, posters, images and copy.

Murder Mystery Events Brochure

Moneypenny Murder Mystery Productions digital brochure of events 2024


Or visit one of our Public Admission events

Perhaps you are asking yourself, where can I find a murder mystery evening near me? Is there a murder mystery night in Kent?  Or even a murder mystery weekend? For a complete list of where we perform, what productions are being played and how to book tickets visit our events page on Facebook. Perfect for smaller parties, birthday gatherings and groups of up to 10 diners. Simply click below...

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(c) Moneypenny Productions 2024; Trading since 1996; UK Registered Company No. 2244695 ; VAT Reg. No. 771-5984-87 Moneypenny Murder Mystery Productions - Murder Mystery party nights events are often set over evening dinner, sometimes overnight, usually at the weekend, at hotels across the UK. If you're looking for fun join one of our murder mystery parties.