Casting invite for professional actors

Would you like to become an actor for Moneypenny Productions?
If you are interested in becoming an actor for Moneypenny Productions, then here is some information on how we manage our events.
Moneypenny Productions stands out as one of the UK's foremost interactive murder mystery companies, currently in the midst of a strategic expansion. Our commitment to excellence leads us to continuously seek talented actors of all ages, particularly those based in the South East (UK). Specifically Kent, Surrey, Sussex, and South London.
All of our events are scripted. There will be lines to learn, costumes to wear, and guests to entertain... normally on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings.
While our murder mystery events are predominantly hosted in hotels, private events often present unique and unconventional stages.
Every murder mystery event we run has a minimum of four cast members. Job-sheets for all engagements are provided in advance. All scripts are securely stored in a password-protected online library for ease of access.
To facilitate seamless coordination, cast members will be requested to submit their schedules a month in advance. Our casting director will liaise further to match events to cast based on availability, script, character, suitability, and geographical location/transport.
All cast members are paid directly into their bank accounts. All events are paid. Rehearsals are also paid. We hold our actors to high standards, expecting a minimum of three years of paid acting experience, British Actors Equity Membership, and/or agency representation.
If after all this you are still interested we invite you to access and complete our actor's application form. Once you have completed the form please email a recent headshot to
Our actor's application form can be accessed using this link:
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