Looking to join our investigation online?

Virtual Whodunit: Murder at Kilgrave Manor

Since March 2020 the world has spent more time online. Microsoft Team meetings, Zoom breakout rooms and Google Hangouts are now commonplace. But how do you make your teambuild more interesting? What if you still want the thrill of the hunt but you're stuck indoors? Do not fear... your search is over. Welcome to Moneypenny Murder Mystery Productions Online Whodunit: Murder at Kilgrave Manor.


Unlike most online whodunit events our show takes you further that a meeting with the characters. When you sign up as the investigating detective on the "Kilgrave" case you'll be taken to the virtual-scene-of-the-crime itself. Here you will make your way, room to room, in search of clues. With 14 online rooms, 3 hidden spaces, a secret passage and over 30 clues to discover at Kilgrave Manor your team will not be short of questions for the Suspects.


Infact, Murder at Kilgrave Manor is such a "total experience" that is has it's own website...

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